Our commitment to community.

Responsibility and respect for others.

An integral part of our corporate philosophy is supporting the communities in which we do business, and over the years we have given both time and money to many community organizations.

With the goal of aligning our philanthropic work with our business, we are currently working on a new initiative, which we are planning to launch in late 2015 or early 2016. There will be a new, separate funding body with a Board consisting of a majority of independent directors. 

Our work will build on the importance of strong, vibrant communities for all of us—as individuals, businesses and social enterprises. As has been well-documented, many people today feel isolated from each other and from a community. Our vision of a community is group of people with a mutual social contract to support and help each other and to work together to ensure that each person is best able to fulfill their potential.

The plan is to look at some new approaches to philanthropy, including investing in a social enterprise business that serves a community and provides members of the community with meaningful and transferable skills. We will also continue to provide funding to support community organizations, and plan to focus on organizations in the Lower Mainland which have a track record of working with kids and families and which have a project focused on creating enduring change for families in the community.

Please check back later for more information on funding criteria and the application process. In the meantime, as we develop the plan, we are not accepting requests for donations.